place analysis: Sid Valley

CoverThe Place Analysis was developed as part of the evidence base for the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan. The analysis identifies nine distinct character areas within the coastal and inland settlements of the Sid Valley. For each area the distinctive built form and material character of the town is recorded.

At the same time a community design workshop reviewed the strategic issues and opportunities that design policies in the Neighbourhood Plan could address such strategic sites, the quality of public realm and ease of pedestrian mobility. The Place Analysis was developed for Creating Excellence in collaboration with Phil Jones Associates, LDA and Carl Middleton.

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Project team:

  • Creating Excellence – Project management.
  • Juliet Bidgood A+U – Public engagement / information analysis / contextualisation. 
  • Carl Middleton – Graphic design / typography.
  • LDA – Landscape consultants.
  • Phil Jones Associates – Design consultants.

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