inspiring futures: timber architecture

inspiring_futuresInspiring Futures: Timber Architecture for the 21st Century.

An exhibition and research commission for the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) and the Forestry Commission. The project explored contemporary technical innovation in timber design and construction across a range of European projects.

The exhibition was initially displayed at CCANW, followed by Exeter University and the Bristol Architecture Centre. Twelve projects from Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and the UK were selected by a panel of architects, engineers and forestry experts.

The content was developed from an in-depth survey of European timber architecture and influenced a programme of talks and debates forming the ‘Wood Culture’ programme. A number of the project’s architects and other keynote speakers contributed to the conference at The University of Exeter.

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Project team:

  • Juliet Bidgood A+U – Exhibition research and curation / project coordination.
  • Carl Middleton – Research / exhibition design.
  • Oliver Lowenstein – Contextual research.

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