design research

We are interested in pursuing research that promotes good design and innovation.

We have researched and curated exhibitions, conferences and publications for a wide variety of audiences. We have designed exhibitions for Tate Britain, the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Centre for Contemporary Arts in the Natural World (CCANW), the National Portrait Gallery, The Architecture Foundation and Bridgwater Arts Centre.

Publications include:

  • Making Competitions Work – web edition – CABE 2010
  • Creating Excellent Buildings – web edition – CABE 2010
  • Inspiring Futures, European Timber Architecture for the 21st Century – CCANW 2007
  • Actions for Housing Growth – CABE 2007
  • It’s our space, a guide for community groups – CABE Space 2006
  • This is What we Do, a Muf Primer – Ellipsis 2001