the start of something gorgeous – Hab Housing’s Triangle – Swindon

The Triangle, Swindon was the first project for Kevin Mc Cloud’s development company Hab Housing. The project already stands out against the mainstream offer of typical of the UK’s McHousing. The development was built above standard for sustainability at Code 4. Even more untypical the forty-two homes were architect designed (by Glen Howells Architects), they have a useful shared public space at their centre and are built with a good quality, simple, contemporary materials. Homes have good daylight and ceiling heights that at 2,6ms are also above the norm.

When the Triangle was published at the end of 2011 the AJ reported that Hab had more projects lined up. Today Hab have launched a crowd funding bid with Crowd Cube to raise funds for these project and develop a one stop shop for “self build and custom finish projects”.

What do Hab say about themselves: “Why do we bother?
 – Because most modern housing just isn’t good enough. Because we got angry about the way volume house builders were riding roughshod over great tracts of our towns and countryside: erasing traces of the past; ignoring established communities and chucking up identikit Noddy houses at the lowest possible cost.”



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